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A must have directory championing local businesses in Reigate & Dorking, Surrey.

Your Local Little Black Book was born in 2019 by Lisa and Alison, our shared passion for promoting and supporting local, we created a contemporary printed booklet and slick digital platform for businesses to connect, engage and showcase their offerings into the local community, inspiring every member of the family to know what is available on their doorstep.

Our goal was to reinvent the humble doorstep advertising directory, by providing a service for all local businesses to promote not only their own business but to be part of a collective initiative, driving custom into our local towns to benefit everyone.

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YLLBB Booklet - Local Shops Reigate and Dorking, Surrey

What we offer you 

Your Local Little Black Book is a A5 quality bound premium directory, delivered twice yearly to more than 31,000 households, via Royal Mail. We also complement our Print offering with Digital marketing options, bringing you the complete local marketing package.

Open to all businesses and budgets, YLLBB provides a cost effective way to independently advertise and collectively sit alongside with fellow local businesses, inspiring our readers, of all ages to support, shop and buy local in the towns which we all live.

It feels great to be part of Your Local Little Black Book Reigate. It really brings out this sense of community which sometimes feels missing in our current society. Thank you YLLBB for bringing that back to us.

Kassandra Greaves-Ramal
Counselling and Psychotherapy

Delivered to 31,000+ households

readership of 100,000+ audience

Delivery map of postcodes to Dorking and Reigate

delivered door to door by royal mail


Highly effective Print & Digital marketing platform providing local businesses a powerful way to engage, excite and capture the attention of new and existing customers.

Being part of YLLBB is more than just a standard advert, YLLBB can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Continuous reminder of your presence, especially for those who are not High Street based
  • Reinforce & increase brand awareness in different postcodes
  • Communicate a new offering such as change of menu, recruitment requirement or new product line
  • Broadcasting an upcoming event or seasonal promotion
  • Connect with new residents moving into the area


Please take a look at our Media Pack for further details of all our Services & Pricing options.

YLLBB Rainbow booklet for Dorking & Reigate, Surrey

We have had a number of new patients who have found us via YLLBB, including people who have never considered acupuncture before and have really found it useful. We are delighted to have reached people we might not otherwise have had the opportunity to help. It’s important to be able to connect with people through a variety of different channels and because the book exists in physical form, it makes it a handy reference guide that can be used instead of, or before, an internet search. We also really like learning about other local offerings and finding things we never knew about before either.

Samantha Hamilton Stent


YLLBB 2020 Winter - Your Local Little Black Book

Edition 04

Your Local Little Black Book Summer 2020 front cover

Edition 03

Your Local Little Black Book Winter 2020 front cover

Edition 02

Your Local Little Black Book Autumn 2019 front cover

Edition 01

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I highly recommend YLLBB. The team are very passionate about promoting local businesses and we at Click Reigate have experienced a step increase in business from being associated with the publication and team. We will continue to support the publication and advertise via it in the future.

Roy Burrows
Click Reigate